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Evolve Carbon Speed Polespear CS7

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 This 7' polespear or "3-Prong" as we like to call them here in Hawai'i, is perfect for beginners and intermediate divers alike!

 It's made out of high-quality aerospace carbon, which makes it extremely durable and fast! 

 It can also break down into 4 pcs, giving it a total length of a little over 3ft! Perfect for traveling to and from the beach, or to an from different states!

Product includes:

  • Carbon Steel 3-Prong Tip
  • 7' Polespear 
  • Band

*IMPORTANT NOTICE: These spears are intended for smaller reef game, you will damage the spear if you target larger fish. Always twist the spear as you are loading it to prevent any breakage as that may not eligible for a refund or return.